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Administration Dashboard

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Listings / Orders

Edit Monitor (Approved Listings)
  • [AccID] - [ListID] Edit (YY-MM-DD) Prev - Clear - Update

  • "Listings" that have been edited after the initial "Manual approval"
    Need to appear in this box for admin to review.
    They are to remain "Active" - this is simply for us to monitor their edits.
    ** Clear = Remove from this list until the next edit is made.

Stripe - Payments & Renewals

New Purchases/Orders

List Purchases within 30 days.


1. List orders - 90 Days prior to expiration date.
2. Clear = Clear/Remove from this list.


1. List expired listings.
2. Clear = Clear/Remove from this list.


1. List Cancelled listings.

Customer Service - Members & Reviews

New Registrations
Manually Created Members
Reviews Requiring Approval

1. List "Revews" for manual approval

Approve = Clear/Remove from this list.

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